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In an ever-changing business environment where companies are striving for growth, trying to manage the business processes at the same time can pull your focus away from the core business. A lot goes in terms of resources and time in the tedious process of recruiting, hiring, and managing staff. A growing and scaling company cannot afford it. In such circumstances, you have a perfect choice to save your time and expenditures.

is fully equipped with ample experience and the required resources to help you outsource your back-office functions to save on cost, time while having your business processes running smoothly without making an extra effort.

How we do it?

Recruitment & Hiring

You can trust on us for highly-skilled, qualified, trained, and efficient staff. We offer competitive compensation and attractive incentives along with an employee-friendly work environment, which gives us the leverage to attract and retain the best talent.


We work closely with our partner companies to understand their business to develop in-depth training programs for the outsourced staff. We use various methods, including in-house training and e-learning programs, to impart product training and strengthen the employees' skills, enabling them to provide you satisfactory service.

Operations & Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team closely monitors the teams' performance to ensure that high-quality work is produced as per the pre-defined quality parameters and removes any bottlenecks that may hamper the team's success.

Coordination & Communication

When you have remote employees, you're up against certain challenges such as proper coordination, communication, and over-sight. With , your outsourced team works together in close coordination with the team's supervision leads who ensure optimum use of the resources.

Our Workforce

Using the tools of human resource planning, real-time monitoring, and forecasting, we ensure the right number of staff is hired to optimize the human resources while minimizing the costs.

Some of the functions our clients outsource with us

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Architecture & Graphic Designinig

Medical Biling & Coding

Administrative Support

Ecommerce functions


Back office Support

Human resources


Call center and Omni-channel Support

Logistic management

Lead generation & sales

Customer services


Tech / IT Support

Meet your short-term needs for long-term results

There are times when you need temporary staff for a specific project. Contracting with an agency for your staffing need can cost you time and money, whereas hiring a freelancer may involve coordination and supervision challenges. When you partner with , you can work with full peace of mind as we can get your short-term needs met so that you can focus on your business.

Find the right people for the right job at the right time

Approaching a busy time of year? We can help you staff up for increased workloads. We can even redeploy staff once you are back to your regular work pace, so you don't need to increase or reduce the staff. As you work with us, we understand your business, and each time you ramp up, it gets easier and quicker.

Avoid the hassles of hiring freelance staff

You cannot exercise much control or oversight when working with a freelancer. The outsourced staff at works under our team leads' close supervision. Their complete management and oversight ensure you get the highest quality of work.

If you don't see a function you need, reach out to us. We are always adding services and functions.

Looking For A Virtual Assistant?

While we provide a broad category of highly-skilled staff to tackle various back-office functions, we take special care in providing the most needed resource who can work as the helping hand of the already overwhelmed business owners. A skilled Virtual Assistant can change your life at the office when managing your tedious administrative tasks.

Finding Your Perfect VA

At , we do all the work for you, from sourcing, hiring, training, and ongoing oversight to get a perfect virtual assistant for you onboard. Our VAs have industry experience, solid interpersonal skills, and a proven track record of success.

Our automated questionnaire makes it simple to choose the services you expect from a virtual assistant. We present you with qualified, pre-screened candidates so you can select the person that is right for you.

Our support doesn't stop there. Once hired, your VA will receive extensive training and will undergo periodic performance evaluation in light of the measurable KPIs —all managed by .

What our Virtual Assistant can do for you:

  • Scheduling Planning & Management
  • Travel & Event Logistics
  • Meeting Management & Follow Up
  • Email & Call Filtering
  • Oversight of Virtual Staff
  • Expense Tracking & Management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management
  • Office Management
  • Overall Communication
  • Data Analysis & Market Research
  • Report & Presentation Preparation
  • Process Set Up & Management
  • Ad Hoc Projects

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